Alessandro Ripane is born in Genoa (Italy, but he has lived and worked for a period in Sweden), exactly in the middle of 1989.
Due to the lack of wild animals in the city of Genoa, Alessandro bought a lot of books about it.
Due to the lack of superheroes in the city of Genoa, Alessandro bought a lot of comics about it.
Needless to say, he suddenly became an expert in both categories, even if now he draws almost everything, except the aliens, because he’s not sure how they are dressed.

Now he’s busy fighting the fall of his hair, learning how to draw aliens and watching a lot of movies about monsters and zombies that he has not seen yet.

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Clients / Featured in / Collaborated with:

La Rinascente, Pitti Immagine, Sergio Colantuoni, Regione Liguria, Genoa CFCTita, DUDE, Teatro della Scala, Laney Amplification, Kuti Magazine, Korova Edibles, Optimum Magazine, B Comics/IFIX, Hachi Mag/Daniel Rodrigues, jekyll & hyde, Gibbo&Lori, Tapirulan, SOLO Vinili/Libri, SENZA, Tiablo Comunicazione, XOXO the mag, Paradiso, PrintAboutMe, Kinphonic, Neutral Ground, Squame/Écailles, Nurant, BOLO Paper, Tuss, Kitokia grafika, Mr Spooqui, Magma, Tapir&Klotz and many others.



– “Bestiario Del Lavoro” – June 2012 – 150 hand-numbered copies, Project and illustrations by Alessandro Ripane, published by Bradiponauta, review by FrizziFrizzi.
– “A Straight Egg Story” – September 2012 – 50 hand-numbered copies, illustrations by Alessandro Ripane, texts by Tiziano De Falco.
– “16 stories” – June 2013 – 100 hand-numbered copies, project and illustrations by Alessandro Ripane, published by Bradiponauta.
– “Combat Zine #5” – July 2013 – A collaboration between me and Marco Nicotra, published by BOLO Paper.
– “Bestiario Del Lavoro (Second Edition)” – June 2014 – 100 copies, project and illustrations by Alessandro Ripane, published by Bradiponauta.
– “B Comics – fucilate a strisce” – November 2014 – 12 pages story called “Domenica”, published by IFIX.


Past main exhibitions / Events:

– “Societies on the Move”, collective exhibition, curated by Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa and Favini, Venice 2016
– “Id-Dante“, collective exhibition, curated by Marco Miccoli and Maria Vittoria Baravelli, Ravenna 2016
– “Exit Voto”, collective exhibition, curated by Rossana Calbi, Parione9 Art Gallery, Rome 2016
– “33T D’AUTORE“, collective exhibition, curated by Tapirulan, Tapirulan art space, Cremona 2015
– “La Bellezza fa 40, i 40 migliori artisti under 40 italiani”, collective exhibition, curated by Stefano Fiz Bottura, Castello Carlo V, Lecce 2015
– “Quadra Mkt“, collective exhibition/market, a project by SOLO vinili/libri, Spazio B**K, Nurant and Terracava, Milano 2014
– “Squame Party/Zabratta Studio @ Be My Toys Festival”, Paris 2013
Risograph print at FuoriMicro, printed by Inuit,  during Milano Design Week @ Officine Creative Ansaldo,  Milano 2013
– “PrintAboutMe“, collective “traveling” exhibition , VAN DER (Torino), Setup Art Fair (Bologna), FAHRENHEIT 39 (Ravenna), 2012 / 2013.
– “16100 Genova Illustra“, collective exhibition, curated by Rudy Dore & Gianluca Sturmann – Sala Dogana (Palazzo Ducale), Genova 2012.
– “Dreamscapes”, collective exhibition (with Elena Del Fabbro), curated by Elisabetta Mozzoni – Skin Gallery, Brescia 2012.
– “Art Is Clear | As Cloud Are |” – curated by Francesco Capezio, Carlo Lamberti, Veronica Salvini in collaboration with “Openlab Gallery”, Bardineto (SV) 2011.
– “EASEL: European Art Slam Exhibition Launch” – curated by “Galleria Studio 44”, in collaboration with Roberta Allesina, Rossana Borroni, Daniela Legotta, Alessandra Piatti, Genova 2010.